Memory Techniques Course
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Memory Techniques Course

"Welcome to the Online Memory Course by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury"

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Welcome to The 4th Idiot School.

  • You must have watched and enjoyed the movie and read the book, if not then please watch the movie first,then go through the book.
  • Link for movie : Pappu Chala Chaand Par
  • You can also go through the following Ebooks :
    - The 4th idiot Book (Hindi) : The 4th idiot Book (Hindi)
    - The 4th idiot Book (English) : The 4th idiot Book (English)
  • Course Name : Memory Techniques Course
  • Before starting the lessons you need to watch the movie carefully and read the book. Now let's start the journey for better mind and body.
  • Keep your speaker/headphone on.

The 4th idiot book tells you how to unlock the greatest potential of mind with the help of S3 (Super Scientific Shortcuts) by the team of experts headed by Mr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury Guinness book of world records holder in memory and body (198 push-up in one minute). The 4th idiot contains a long memory game. With the help of this long theory game you can Learn to memorize the long Questions answers from any Subject very fast with maximum retention.

Who Should take this course ?

This course is for all kind of age group of children s and youngsters to sharpen their memory.

Course Key Takeaways

This course prepare learner for upcoming examinations consist of quantitative reasoning and analysis. Young students will get benefited from this course to prepare themselves for upcoming examination. This course covers topics like memory management, memory grasping power.

Course Package

Number of Videos : 24
Number of Documents : 29

Number of Online Tests : 29
Number of Assignments: 29

Course Outcomes:

When the learner completes this course he will get a certificate from our side for passing this course.

Language Instruction : This course is available in Hindi also.

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Dr.Biswaroop Roy

Faridabad , India

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

  • 2 Guinness World Records ( Mind & Body)
    • Biography included in 2013 edition of ‘Who’s Who in the World’
    • Author of 25 books on Memory, Mind & Body
    • Name featured in Oxford University's official website(2003-2010)
    • Specialization in Lifestyle medicine (Harvard Medical School)
    • Specialization in China Study , Cornell University USA
    • Certification in Raw Nutrition, Mint Culinary School Vietnam

    Schedule & Syllabus

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